Low-Income Assistance for Butte Residents

When people in Southwest Montana need help with emergency rent, weatherization, affordable housing, early childhood education and youth empowerment, they turn to Action, Inc. In our six-county service area, more than 11,000 people subsist on incomes that place even necessities beyond reach. Another 16,000 people in our region find it difficult to meet housing and heat costs. Most alarming is the fact that one-fifth of children are at risk of hunger, homelessness and abnormal health and development due to lack of resources for necessities.

Butte Housing Assistance

Whether you are homeless or having trouble paying your rent, Action Inc. can help you find the help you need to get yourself into a more stable housing environment. From emergency rent assistance to longer-term apartment options, we can help you get back into a safer living situation. We also help with low income energy and heating assistance.

Food Programs

Action Inc provides food and nutrition assistance to those experiencing poverty and homelessness. We offer a summer meal program for children, and we partner with numerous other agencies to get you the nutrition you and your family need to thrive. Visit our Food and Nutrition Assistance page for information.

Action, Inc. helps when hard times hit

Last year, our programs provided critical assistance to 5,829 people in our region. By increasing household resources through rent, heat and food assistance, many families, elderly citizens and people with disabilities were able to avert hunger, homelessness and being cold. Children and youth were provided with educational and support services needed to give them a head start in life.

We’re here to help

We help your friends, your neighbors and your communities:

“We were living out of our car and had fallen on hard times. We applied for housing and within a day, we were given a life line. Action, Inc. helped us turn a bad situation into a positive one and we have been doing fantastic ever since. We were truly rescued. We highly recommend Action Inc. as your advocate..” –Ken W. and Theresa M.

And we ensure safe, warm housing:

“I would like to extend my gratitude to ACTION Inc. If it hadn’t been for them and programs they offer, I would be homeless. Since I cannot work, I have no income. Thanks to ACTION Inc., I have a home.”–Paula D.

Many of our programs are grant-funded, yet many are funded solely from generous donations. You can help by donating here. Thank you!