Due to COVID-19 – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) developed a flyer to provide Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation participants with important information and resources about paying rent during the national emergency concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

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Through the Housing Choice Voucher program (HUD Section 8), families and individuals that are having difficulty meeting housing expenses can get assistance with monthly rental costs through a voucher that can be used where accepted by a landlord. An eligible participant contributes no more than 30% of their adjusted gross income toward monthly rent and the balance is paid by the Section 8 program, funded by the Department of U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The program ensures each participant has decent and safe housing in their community by inspecting all properties involved in the program annually.

Eligible households may also choose to live in a unit in a qualified property that has been designated as a Project-Based Section 8 housing unit.  These operate with vouchers that are virtually tied to a unit in a property.  The Montana Department of Commerce Public Housing Authority reserves 20% of their vouchers for this program.

Who is eligible for housing choice vouchers?

Any eligible family or individual living in Montana whose income is 30% or less than the state median income.  See Section 8 Annual Income Limits to see if you qualify. Housing units must meet Housing Quality Standards and fall within the Fair Market Rents set for the area in order for a voucher to work.

How much rent does the voucher cover?

The owner pays 30% of their adjusted family income and HUD subsidizes the difference between that amount and gross rent for the unit. For example, if a family’s adjusted income is $1200 per month and the rent is $900, the family will pay $360 (30% of $1200) and the voucher will be worth $540.

How do you obtain a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher?

You can apply for a voucher at Action, Inc. or Apply Online. There is a wait list that generally takes 18 months.

Who generally applies for Section 8 Housing?

The program was designed to assist anyone who makes less than 30% of the Area Median Income as defined by the Federal Government.  Examples of people who might be eligible are low-income seniors, single parents with children and individuals with disabilities. These units are available to persons with a voucher. Please check out property listings in Montana on Montana Housing Search. This rental search website includes a feature that indicates which units of housing will accept vouchers.